Toning, and how you’re doing it wrong

Let’s jump straight into this.


3 ways to actually lean that body out and tone up:

1. Lift some weight.

It doesn’t matter if it’s sets of 20 repetitions or 5. If what you’re doing isn’t challenging the muscle group then you’re not going to see any changes. If you can put that weight down at the end and pick it up again 30 seconds later then you are either doing a conditioning piece for fitness or not trying hard enough.


2. Make small increases or adjustments forwards each week for 4 week blocks.

This is simple. Did you lift a 15kg barbell this week. Try 20kg next week. Did you do 8 reps last week and it was hard… good… try 9 this week.
It is the best way to see the changes you want!


3. Have a structure/program/plan.

Do you know why Personal trainers and CrossFit charge more? Because they work – they have a plan. FOLLOW THE PLAN!
A lot of us know what we’re doing because we study this, so trust us, trust the plan and do the above 2 points


3 Ways that don’t work to lean out:

1. Coasting along at the gym without breaking an actual sweat.

Success in the gym is the same as in life, if you don’t work hard you’ll be stuck in a dead end rut until you do.


2. Food choices – PUT THE COOKIE DOWN!

Come on, you should know this by now. Even if you are training hard, bad food choices and alcohol will limit your results. Put the cookie down. NOOOOW!


3️. Just doing cardio.

Surely you’ve seen the magazine articles and blogs and posts like these. Cardio helps but does not create those Hollywood style bodies you are probably looking to work for.
Even sprinting (running fast, not on a treadmill) is not considered pure cardio but anaerobic despite it feeling like aerobic.
So buck up some courage and learn how to lift something.

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