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60min functional fitness group classes.

New workouts every day; customised/scaled to your goals.

Our BODI·COMPLETE group classes are designed to cater to you – at any stage of your fitness journey.

All workouts and movements feature scaling options for beginners and advanced athletes alike. Our classes feature expert-programming that will enable you to reach your goals, track your progress, learn new skills, and unlock a fitter, faster, healthier you.

Prior to commencing these classes, our one-to-one introductory sessions cover all necessary movements and foundational, fundamental exercises.


  • Develop an advanced awareness of both body and movement, improving through each training block.
  • Acquire the knowledge and information to apply yourself under guidance.
  • Feel strong and capable.
  • Create purpose to why you exercise and make everyday life more fun because you are a stronger healthier you.
  • Build a foundation of these principles in order – Flexibility/stability, strength, power and then fitness.

available as a 3-session/week or unlimited membership, or pay-as-you-go

Meet Vaughn and the team

Vaughn Langty is the owner and head coach of BODICOMPLETE.

Meet Vaughn

Class timetable

Our classes and sessions run every day of the week.

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recovery and rehabilitation.

BODI·FORM is a tailored program that encompasses everything from pilates, yoga, mini-workouts, HIIT and more.

With a focus on correct core activation and body alignment, each class is designed to help prevent injury and ensure muscle groups work and contract in the right way.

BODI·FORM creates a precise foundation to assist all participants in working on specific muscle groups as part of the exercises, drills and poses within each class.

Experience is not required – all fitness levels are covered. BODI·FORM welcomes participants from all ages and stages.

included with our unlimited membership, or pay-as-you-go


weightlifting masterclasses.

Our weekly BODI·LIFT weightlifting masterclasses feature expert training, guidance and programming to help you facilitate your goals and master new skills.

These classes are designed as a complementary addition to our core BODI·COMPLETE classes and an unlimited membership is required.

exclusive to our unlimited membership


unlimited, self-directed gym access.

OPEN·GYM sessions enable members to participate in class-based programming at a time that suits them best. Members can also optionally use this time to refine or practice new skills, catch up on a missed class or workout, undertake daily-extras programming or simply stretch and reset.

An unlimited membership is required to access OPEN·GYM sesssions.

exclusive to our unlimited membership


individually-tailored, professional personal training.

BODI·ONE is the ultimate personalised solution, completely customised to you.

Our professionally accredited trainers will guide you individually through a session or series of sessions designed to accelerate and fast-track your goals.

BODI·ONE packages vary as per your requirements. Please contact us to start a conversation.


  • Unlock high-level gains.
  • Develop a focused and actionable plan.
  • Receive expedited results.

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