5 FAQ’s you need answered before starting CrossFit

1 – Am I fit enough to do CrossFit?

We get asked this all the time and the short answer is yes.
The reason you’re joining is to get fit and your fitness will only improve once you start!


2 – Is it like F45?

In that we run a class based format… yes – but that’s about it.


3 – One from the ladies, Will I get bulky lifting weights?

Short answer… NO. Females have to work SO hard to put the kind of muscle on you’re worried about, so it’s not going to happen if you don’t want it to.


4 – One from the fellas, Will CrossFit help me get muscly?

Short answer… YES. Why are you different to the ladies? Because as a male you carry 40% more upper body mass to start with and produce different hormones including the big one, testosterone.


5 – I heard CrossFit will injure me?

The proprietors of the study that “proved” this have just lost their court case with CrossFit and it has been proven that they falsified their data. In other words when people tell you this, it’s based on a lie.
We run fundamental sessions before our new members can begin class to assess and manage injury risk in the individual. This allows us to coach you better and you to know your limitations better!

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