Do you know when to stop.. and when do push hard?

When ‘listening’ actually means ‘talking’… seems a little confusing so hear me out.

When doing any regular exercise or activity it’s important to listen to your body and to understand what it is telling us.

For the seasoned exerciser this can seem pretty obvious. Knowing when to take a day off is second nature or when to push harder in your session just comes naturally.

When you’re starting out or beginning something new you might not know your body well enough yet. Soreness is bound to be greater when you start something you haven’t done before and this is where it’s important to start talking instead of listening.

Talk to your coach.

Your coach is a veteran and should have an understanding of what the body is going through (if they don’t that’s a different topic altogether).

Ask your coach questions.

“Why are these muscles sore?” “I feel run down today but I think I’ve eaten well… what could it be coach?”

A great coach will be able to tell you to rest, scale, push through or throw your body into it with everything you’ve got.

The more you ask of us, the more we can help and let’s face it… that’s why you joined us in the first place. To learn, to get better and to feel a part of something bigger.

So next time you’re trying to listen to your body… ask your coach out loud what it might be saying to you.


Coach Vaughn

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