Blending Crossfit with Strength and Conditioning Principles

Here at Bodicomplete, Crossfit forms a big part of our training philosophy… so does strength and conditioning. I’ll break it down a little bit more…

Crossfit’s core exercise philosophy is that constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity will elicit “fitness”.

Most people therefore see what happens at the Crossfit Games as that is what Crossfit is.

Strength and conditioning training principles promote progressive overload and structure as the 2 of the main tenants that elicit “fitness”, specifically to a respective sport.

So how do we manage to blend these 2 seemingly contrasting philosophies?

They are both trying to improve the performance of individuals and therein lies the uniqueness of the way we structure our programming.

“Constantly varied” doesn’t mean random daily exercise. S&C principles vary the exercise selection every 3-5 weeks in most programming. So when the philosophies combine, we constantly change the program every 4 weeks at Bodicomplete, to vary up the stimulus.

We use progressive overload to direct that variation so there is obvious visual and practical progress.

And high intensity is relative to an individual, but generally you elicit the best responses physiologically and mechanically through heavier loading and developing the ability to hang out at a high percentage of your VO2/power/heart rate for longer periods.

For the next 12 weeks, our program will focus on hypertrophy and spending volumes of time at moderate-high heart rates to improve oxygen usage.

This will not only build a great physical strength and aerobic base but will also allow those trying to shed some kgs to burn a decent amount of energy every session.

Why would I bother sharing this with you?

If a coach can’t explain why they have prescribed something for you… they probably haven’t prescribed anything, they just picked it out of a hat.

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