Stay on track in the silly season

Today I wanted to talk to those of you looking to get a little exercise in from home to keep the fitness levels managed. For a lot of you, your gym hours will change due to the public holidays and perhaps gym staff taking a little bit of time off to be with family etc.

But that shouldn’t stop you from getting a decent workout in.

Your body starts to lose it’s physical adaptations in as little as 3 days so leaving you training breaks any longer than that can see you lose some of what you’ve worked so hard to obtain.

Your cardio capacity can diminish as much as 60% in one week and while you can usually get it back relatively quickly it doesn’t feel like it during that first session back. After 2 week’s, your musculature can start to begin the process of atrophy where you muscles begin to slowly break down and you start to lose strength.

Hopefully this blog will help you stay on track.


Here are 2 simple workouts with Beg/Int/Adv options that you can easily do from home and in 20 mins:


Workout 1.

30/20/10 of –
Air Squats

The format is as follows, 30 situps then 30 Squats then 30 pushups. Move onto round 2, 20 Situps, 20 Squats, 20 pushups. Then the set of 10’s. This is a really simple one and great if you’re just wanting to move but not over do it.

Intermediate, 30/20/10 of:
Supine Straight Leg Raises
Squat Jumps
Pushups with a clap.

Advanced, 30/20/10 of:
Single Leg Squats
HSPU or a combination of HSPU and Pushups.



Workout 2.

Beginner, 5 Rounds of:
10 Burpees, no pushup at the bottom.
10 Lunges
Optional: perform workout at a field and add a 100m run at the end of each round.

Intermediate, 8 Rounds of:
10 Burpees, chest hits the ground each rep
10 Lunges
100m Run

Advanced, 8 Rounds of:
10 Strict Burpees, full pushup.
10 Jumping Lunges
100m Run


Now you can mix and match as suits you but these are basic workouts that I will be giving to my clients to do on the Sundays over Christmas or boxing day for example. Little efforts to keep their fitness up to scratch and make getting back into training not feel like a horrible slog after some changes to their regular schedule.

Let us know if you give one of these a go and how you found them!

As always you can reach out if you feel like you want a little extra help.

Email us at and we’ll start this journey together.

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