3 hot tips to keep Christmas off your hips


Not every day is Christmas or New Years Eve! These great holidays are filled with opportunities to over indulge and pass out on the couch in the afternoon before repeating again at dinner, but not every day needs to be filled eating that much food. In the days leading up to and following Christmas choose to eat appropriate sized portions and leave the custard/pudding for the festivities only.



Not all calories are equal. As the picture above helps describe, fill up on Turkey and roast veggies (or whatever your main meal is) so that you are less tempted to have 6 servings of Christmas pudding like I did last year.



Drink a glass of water before each serving, it will help the digestion of food and manage your hunger levels a little better as well!



Get up and get active! Now you don’t have to get a workout in or start a new program on Christmas. But you can go for a stroll with your partner, take the kids to the park or just take the dog out on the lead and get active. Maintaining some degree of activity will promote a healthy metabolism and help bypass that lethargic feeling you may get if you’ve overindulged.


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