3 steps to kicking your goals into gear

Step 1

Act Now!!! How many people do you know have set goals only to never actually start them because there’s still 3 weeks of the school holidays left? Or because they’ll start after Australia Day…..Easter……Winter…..Christmas…? Decide today exactly what you’re going to do, and get it done before bed. You will sleep easier and wake up with more energy knowing that you’ve actually gotten yourself off to a flying star.


Step 2

Have an accountability partner. Someone who is going to back you in these decisions. Someone who will ask you tomorrow if you started your new fitness journey last night before bed (like in step 1?). It could be your spouse, best friend or even your children (kids have a way of being so honest). Hell, your accountability might even join you on this journey!


Step 3

Clean out the fridge. And I don’t mean eat everything in 1 sitting. Ask your neighbours or family if they want the rest of your Christmas chocolate. Give your left over beers to your friends. Pour the soft drinks out, they are good for no body. Not only will it serve your body good to not have junk food in the house, but studies have shown that decluttering in your house can limit stress and depression markers! (Ref: Blackdog Institute)


These 3 steps will kick you out of parking gear and into first and as that ball starts rolling, your momentum will gather and you will be kicking butt in no time!!!


If you’d like to learn more about how BODICOMPLETE can assist you with formulating a plan, actioning it, and succeeding where others have not, contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

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