Overcome Eating

Excess weight is almost always due to overeating in some form. The truth is often very simple.

And there can be a number of reasons why including:

  1. Habit… whether you realise it or not, habits have been created. You keep eating what’s laid out on the table even if you haven’t stopped to decide if you are full or perhaps your mum always told you “You can’t go until you’ve eaten everything on your plate”.
  2. Absent minded snacking. While watching a movie or just netflix each night. Perhaps while playing games or driving. These can really add up.
  3. Something deeper… Food is recreational to help change your mood and while it may help in the moment, your body may be suffering long term.


So to combat this I want to share 3 easy steps to overcome overeating. Read and apply.

Step # 1: Pay attention

Be aware of what you eat AND how much. This is much easier than it sounds and will save you from hundreds of excess calories per week.

To apply this rule, don’t eat while your attention is focused on other activities. This means turn off the t.v, get out of the car and no snacking while cooking.


Step # 2: Practice balance.

Be aware of the types of food that you eat. Balanced diets with lean protein, whole grains, lots and lots of veggies and a few servings of fruit. Your body will find satisfaction in this!

This means you shouldn’t always eat low-carb or low-fat.

Make a mental checklist. Did you have protein? How many vegetables did you eat today? Did limit dense carbs to just 1 or 2 meals today? This mental checklist can make all the difference when choosing your next meal.


Step # 3: Tune in

Your body will always tell you when it’s hunger has been satisfied. It’s ingrained into us from the moment we are born.

Watch a baby or toddler eat. They will stop when they are full, even if there is food on the table. Unfortunately you may have lost touch with this intuition from years of ignoring it.

A great way to start listening is to eat a little slower and pay attention. As the bites become less satisfying, you are more than likely becoming more full.

As you learn to control these habits, you’ll find weight control to come simply and naturally.

If you’re looking an exercise program to help expedite your results, call or email us today and we can start a journey to help you onto the path of success.

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