3 Tips To Start Dropping Unwanted Weight

The 3 best tips to start dropping unwanted weight, with minimal effort.

When it comes to making health changes it can seem like it’s going to take too much effort to get the results you want.

Now I don’t know your personal position but what I do know is starting… is easy.


Below are 3 simple tips.

Tip # 1: Step it up!

10,000 steps per day is considered ideal for maintaining optimal heart and brain health (if you aren’t already exercising).

So I have some hints within this tip to help you get your steps up, outside the obvious “walk to work”

  1. Set an alarm every hour, and do a lap of your office floor, grab some water each time to stick to tip # 2.
  2. Create a ritual with a friend (to keep accountable… bonus tip) where you go for a walk at sunrise on the weekend.
  3. For those of you with kids (or not) 20 minutes of dance time. Put on kid friendly spotify and go crazy with them before dinner. Teach them your favourite wedding floor dance moves!


Tip # 2: Up your water.

If you don’t already, you should be aiming for 2 litres or more per day.

Why is water so important?

There’s a plethora of reasons but I’ll keep it short for you. It helps keep you full. Keeps your body operating smoother (better blood flow > clearer thinking > more self control) and helps with digestion.


Tip # 3: Swap a meal.

And no, don’t swap it for some ridiculous meal replacement.

What I want you to do is pick 1 meal per day and swap the dense carbs (pasta, bread, rice, crackers) for enough vegetables to feel full.

You might go with carrot sticks. Maybe an oversized salad or perhaps my lazy dinner, 2 cups of frozen veggies thrown in the tupperware with some chicken.

As long as you eat enough veggies to feel full at the end of the meal AND do it with 1 meal per day, you’ll start to look and feel better by the end of the week.

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