How Do You Kickstart Your Motivation Again?

How do you kickstart your motivation again?

We all know that motivation can be fleeting, it comes and goes often as the seasons do. So what can you do?

We teach our clients at Bodicomplete simple “tricks” that help them build consistent habits. This way when they feel like they may have lost motivation, they can give it a kickstart and get back into the swing of things.


Tip # 1: Pinpoint your motivation.

Others may call this “Find your why”.

I want to explain what the ‘why’ is though. The ‘why’ isn’t the first reason you are trying to get fit. The first reason when asked why are you at the gym might be “To look good” or “to feel better” or “To make my ex jealous”.

However that’s just the surface answer…

The real ‘why’ behind those answers are often deeper… 

1.“To look good and feel comfortable wearing the clothes I want and not feel like I’m being judged”


2.“To feel better and not out of breath playing soccer with my kids, I want to be a role model”


3. “I want my ex to be jealous because they hurt me and I want to be the best version of me knowing I’ve given it my all because no one can take that away from me”.


Tip # 2: Make it official.

Write it down. 

Somewhere prominent, perhaps your mirror, the front door so you see it every morning when you leave the house.

Then each you see your motivation. Visualise your success and the journey that goes with it.


Tip # 3: Be practical.

It’s game plan time.

If the goal is weight loss, you need to 1) maintain a healthy calorie defecit and 2) participate consistently in a challenging exercise program.

Plot your routine to actually fit your schedule and you’ll be more likely to stick to it. Don’t say you’ll jog every day if you only have time in your schedule for 3 sessions per week.


Tip # 4: Call for back up.

Enlist the support of your family, friends and coworkers.

Tell everyone about your goal and give some of the details. By being open about what you plan to achieve those closest can help and you may encourage them to take part as well!

The most effective way to ensure you meet your goals is to enlist our support at Bodicomplete. Our coaching staff keep you accountable and provide the tools and resources you need.

If you’re looking to make these changes today, call or email us today and let’s start a journey, together.

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