10 signs you’re in the right gym

1. It’s fun.

Going to the gym and training becomes easy when you’re having a good time. And you know it, because you’re looking forward to talking to so-and-so about that article you saw on buzz feed today.

2. You’re getting results.

This one seems pretty obvious but it actually rolls off the first point a little. When you’re having a good time and WANTING TO SHOW UP then it’s easy to get results.

3. You are learning.

Whether it’s with a coach, trainer or solid educational material. You are being kept up to date on what quality movement looks like and the best way to work towards your results.

4. Sometimes, you get sore.

“But sore isn’t fun” I hear you say. Well the thing is, for points 1 and 2 to be true, you’ll need to get sore from time to time.

5. You hang back after training.

Whether it be to chat, stretch or relax then you’re in the right place. Because if you’re comfortable staying back somewhere that is designed to make you sweat and work hard then it must make you feel good.

6. You think about your workouts.

Whether it’s before or after your session you are thinking about what you did, why you did and how you could do it better.

7. You know what’s on the program today.

Maybe not every facet of the program but you know that it’s squat/running day and you’re looking forward to it!

8. You hear your name regularly.

And not just because it’s on your post-workout coffee. It’s because the people in your gym know you and care for you.

9. You find yourself spending more.

Because your class is going rock climbing this weekend, or you bought tickets to that girl in the gym’s fundraiser to help her family out during this tough time. Because you care too.

10. You try to talk with your non-gym friends about gym.

They don’t get it. Not yet anyway.


Are you at the right gym?

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