3 tips from my most successful clients

These tips comes straight from the minds of 3 clients who have made training with BODICOMPLETE a part of their lifestyle for over 5 years each now.

So they have a little wisdom when it comes to sticking out their training.


TIP 1:

Structure your week and book it into your diary. I know I know it sounds simple but that’s because it is.
This is an important meeting that you need to make so book it in and stick to it. Your health, your mind and your family will thank you for it for years to come! – Greg


TIP 2:

Find a place to train that challenges you first and foremost, not just to be better but to keep you accountable. And then you will start to reap the rewards and enjoy exercise/movement for what it is… fun! – Karen


TIP 3:

There are heaps of days I don’t feel like moving. Especially recently since falling pregnant and everything that comes with that. But I find that if I just start moving on the rower or bike then it begins to flow into doing other exercises. Once I’m done the sense of accomplishment and joy of achievement far outweighs a decision to not move. I love it. – Marissa


There you have it. 3 Easy tips.

  1. Book your training in.
  2. Find a gym that helps you and challenges you.
  3. Just start moving, your body will love you for it.

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