Dad Interview: Alex Manalaros

Alex Manalaros.

Married. 2 Children.


1. Why is being active so important to you?

Due to my job generally being stressful and working on my own, I find that once I enter the Crossfit gym, I immediately engage conversation with others, who have become close friends and therefore find it a hugely effective way in lifting my mood, increasing energy and fitness, sharpening focus, and relaxing both the mind and body – a great stress buster. I have found that the gym has become a balance between work and family life, social activities and solitary pursuits, daily responsibilities and downtime.


2. You’re a busy guy, kids, full time job, so how do you make time to get into the gym with so much going on?

Working for myself has its benefits and flexibility, where I can determine when I can work out in the gym. I have locked in the same time each weekday dedicated to training and therefore can organise work and family times around training.


3. Do you wish you had started earlier?

I have always been active in my younger years, so finding crossfit for me wasn’t as daunting as I thought it might be. I find that crossfit makes me set fitness goals and therefore also makes me set goals in every other aspect of life.


4. What advice would you give to dad’s that are on the fence about becoming active, now?

Do it and do it now. Do not be afraid that you may fail. You will not regret it and the end results will be positive and everlasting.

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