Your attitude will determine your altitude

Showing up at the gym is one thing.

Showing up determined to achieve a set goal for that session is another

I was speaking with 10 year member Tim Davis the other night and he said something to me that has been floating in my head for days

He said “It doesn’t matter what class I get to in the day, I’m going to work as hard as I can because I want to make it”

It was not a lightbulb moment for me

I’m hoping it may be for you though and that’s why I wanted to share it.


Tim’s attitude is simple:

He comes in already knowing how he plans to do his session regardless of whether it’s a strength for him

My advice for you?

Choose how you can get the most out of today’s session.

Do you try to go out hard or pace it out?

Do you feel good enough today to try lifting a little heavier?

I can’t be your attitude

I can encourage it, coach it, guide it with instruction

But it comes down to you… What attitude will you have in your session today?

Oh and Tim…? I have watched Tim achieve everything he has ever set his mind to (so watch this space) and if you want to know what true integrity and dedication are, be like Tim.


Coach Vaughn.

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