Why is weight training important for ALL ages?

Osteoporosis isn’t something people tend to think about until after menopause. Which makes sense to some degree… that’s when it often sets in.

So why should you be thinking about load bearing training now… or even for your children?

Simply, because there is a limit to the amount of bone you grow. And shortly after adolescence finishes, bone stops growing and starts to decline for the rest of your life.

Load bearing training in those teen years or even as a child helps to build stronger, more dense and healthier bones. Think of it like adding extra layers on a lasagne… it’ll be harder to break through.
Side note, you may think that’s a weird analogy but I just had lunch, so it makes sense to me.

In those formative years load bearing looks like running, climbing, jumping and basic gymnastics. This load on the body builds a stronger body for the future!

Once bone growth stops and begins it’s steady decline (approx 1% per year) then adding in load bearing exercise can slow down this bony decline and preserve your skeleton for the long term!

Additional exercises you should look at adding in as you progress through adolescence includes squats, hinging exercises (Deadlifts, kb swings etc) DB row variations and more.

All of these exercises will add to your long term health and it’s best to start as soon as you can to manage that gradual bony decline.

If you’d like to understand more or have questions about the exercises mentioned above please reach out, I’d be happy to help.


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