Build your core, or get abs… why not both?

This isn’t another “abs are built in the kitchen” post.

Yes, abs are made by eating well, but core strength is done through stressing the trunk under load.

Think about Olympic Lifters, sprinters and athletics athletes. Generally, they have abs but more importantly they have abs because they built their core.


The way you build that core up to withstand any challenge life throws at you is through load bearing exercise.

Moving heavy things from one place to another whether carrying heavy kettlebells or squatting with some weight on your trunk will help construct a strong core/trunk and if you manage your calories it’ll result in visible abs too.

The bonus aspect to learning how to use a barbell, dumbbells and other load bearing equipment is that it creates structural core strength. The muscles get stronger with your skeleton and you start to become unstoppable.


My favourite line from clients when they’ve spent a couple months with us is how much easier life is on their body. Carrying things, more energy, improved sports performance and my favourite, a bigger variety of things to do with their kids.

I think it’s time to build some confidence and step into an environment that kind of scares you to grow and change.

Reach out if you’d like any advice or want to come into an environment ready for challenge.

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