How do you know what success looks like when you’ve trained

Today’s blog is a short one, so read on, pay attention and prepare to grow.

My business mentor taught me this and now I apply it to so many facets of my life.

My relationship, my business, my training and often my mental/social health.


At the end of my day, just before I go to bed (sometime I do it at other times) i sit down and write out 3 things.


What was a win today… What blocked me… What will i focus on tomorrow to improve.


It’s very straight forward but what it does is three things:

  1. I celebrate something great, which reminds me that even if the rest of the day seemed average, something good really did happen, positive reinforcement.
  2. Lets me acknowledge the area needing improvement while allowing me to let go of any thoughts about it because it’s done, i’ve written it out.
  3. Builds hope, structure and purpose into my tomorrow.


I hope you start to implement this, even once a week to begin with as it has been vital to my recent success over the last 365 days. 

I’ve written an example below of my training WBF:

Win – kept my 400m runs during the workout to under 2:00 each time.

Block – Was feeling a little run down and slow in the legs, must have been moving house over the weekend.

Focus – I will make an extra 15 mins for some stretching and breathing exercises to help with my recovery from the move.


Good luck and if you ever need any help, feel free to reach out.

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