You can’t turn back the clock, but you can wind it up

This blog is probably for your friend, not you… Why?

If you are already reading these blogs then you probably partake in regular physical activity and probably some sort of load-bearing/resistance training. Your friends need to hear this before the clock winds down.

From the moment adolescence finishes, unless you are performing physical activity most days of the week, then your muscles start a steady decline, up to 10% by the time you’re 50 years old (an additional 30% can occur btw 50-80 years old).

Most adults think of exercise as just an aesthetic aspect of their lives and that doing weight training and cardio is just a means to an end to look good. Some adults are quite happy with their aesthetics and don’t place a high value on it.

You can be in either camp but it doesn’t change the reality of what load bearing exercise and cardio does for you.


The 4th largest burden on the Australia health and financial system is musculoskeletal conditions primarily from the over 50’s population in Australia.

And I’m sure you’re first thought was “I’m not 50 yet”, that’s not the point.

The point is you have a chance to change these statistics and your life starting now.

Being active most days of the week will lead to better musculature long term, less bone decline, a healthy blood supply and… Aesthetics.

I’m only 32, however I know that when I’m 70, I want to still be able to squat down and play with my grandchildren, tend to my garden and get out into nature regularly.

It starts now for me.

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