Why did you do that today?

Do you understand the reason you are training ‘that’ exercise today?

This is a question I will ask my clients from time to time. You see I post a program update video every time we begin a new block of training to help my clients understand:

  1. What’s in the program

  2. How the program will function

  3. And what the overall intention is

I believe that for my clients to be all in they need to have a deeper understanding so they can enter their training sessions with intention and clarity.

So I ask again. Do you know why you’re doing only sets of 5 squats today? Do you know how to approach a 4-5 minute workout as opposed to a 20 minute workout? Do you really understand what HIIT training is?

A good coach will not just be able to deliver an exercise program, they will also help you to grow and develop character and knowledge around your training and your body.

The ancient Greeks believed in the mastery of self, hence the Olympics and while I’m not expecting our clients to want to qualify for the olympics, I do set an expectation that they learn and develop some self mastery over their movement patterns and health.

That will lead to a greater discipline in the physical areas of life and carry over to the psychological side helping to develop a stronger well-being.

So… do you know why you did those movements today?

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