Show up!

There are so many reasons why your goals can succeed or fail when it comes to training including:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise style
  • Coach/Trainer proficiency



But this doesn’t concern just one of those. What I have to tell you concerns all 3 and then some…

You must show up! That sounds simple, but apart from the obvious (actually turning up and not wasting your time and you’re coaches time) it is about how you show up that is going to make the difference in the results you achieve and working out your needs.


1 – Show up despite your circumstance.

If you let your circumstances dictate your actions then you will never achieve anything you want.

Events are always going to arise that will try to stop you one of two ways:
1 – Limit your time.
2 – Cause you to react emotionally
These can be rectified 99% of the time with simple time management and a strong why.

There are stories upon stories upon stories of individuals that will tell you if you want it enough, you will make a way for it to happen. This is the human spirit. If you’re really tired of making excuses and not getting results then you will plan in your schedule to show up precisely when you mean to, because it’s your time and your time is important to you.

Events are just that, events. It’s how we choose to take responsibility in these events that determines our emotional response. A fender bender is just that. An angry customer/friend is just that. How you choose to take that onboard and respond is on you and letting events cause you stress and emotional distress will always leave you feeling like you ‘just can’t today’. Take responsibility for your emotions and chase your goals.


2 – Show up with a plan.

Going to the gym and doing a few sets of 10, then spending 20 minutes on the treadmill is not a plan. That is doing stuff.
A plan has a start, middle and a finish. Each portion has a reason, every exercise has a purpose, to serve an end goal.
If you’re coach can’t explain why they have chosen the exercises they did then it might be time to look elsewhere for someone who is going to care about your end results. Don’t hear what I’m not saying either, which brings me to my third point.


3 – Show up with intention.

If you have a training plan and some structure in your training then this will be easy. A strong why is present and it makes it easy to show up and crush your goals on a daily basis. But it is more than just following the plan.
It is about choosing moments when you need to push a little harder, hold on for a little longer and work until you can’t move anymore. There are moments where you need to focus on perfecting the finer points of what you’re doing and concentrate.

And there will be moments where intent looks like relaxing, distancing yourself from the outside world and just taking it all in. Making your time about you. Where for that small, seemingly insignificant amount of time per day…. You are the only thing that matters in this world.

So next time you show up to train, remember to show up no matter what, with intention and follow your plan.


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