Keep the main thing.. the main thing.

Want success?

Keep the “main thing”, the main thing!

If you care about your health, you know there are so many options out there when it comes to looking after yourself.

Should I do a bootcamp, enter a bodybuilding/figure comp or maybe run my first half marathon???

Paleo, vegan, atkins and weightwatchers… I’ve got friends doing all of these.

What should I choose for me?

Well the truth is, they all work when it comes to your health, you just need to decide.

Decide on keeping the main thing front and centre.

Your health!

Whatever you choose, stick to it. Week in, week out and I promise you this:

If you stick to the main thing and don’t get sidetracked by the next shiny distraction to come along, you will succeed.

If you want to run the City2Surf, focus on making running the main thing.

If you want a six pack, fitness and strength – Stick to Crossfit.

If you are trimming down, pick one eating plan and follow the path.

Want success?


Keep the main thing, the main thing!


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