Goal setting and self monitoring

Goal setting.

I want to share the secret to success and it’s not just hard work or being disciplined (although I do believe those things increase your successful outcome)


The key is goal-setting, I KNOW I KNOW, it seems too basic yet hear me out.

I’m sure we all know someone who sets a New Years resolution, writes it down and then loses the goal to the wind… however,

People who set goals and regularly self-monitor are almost two and a half times more likely to attain their goals.


HOLD UP, set goals…AND… yes there’s more. You need to monitor them.

In a review of 138 studies spanning more than 19,000 participants, researchers found that monitoring progress is just as important to goal attainment as setting a clear goal in the first place.

So what does self monitoring look like…?

You can journal in the mornings, purchase a daily planner (the guys from the mind muscle project have a great training diary if your goal is fitness focused) or create verbal affirmations you pronounce daily.


We at BODICOMPLETE however, see this self monitoring and goal setting as part of the service we offer.

We dedicate several hours each week where our coaches reach out to our members to have a chat, check in on goals and provide additional assistance where the opportunity arises.

We give our members a platform to self-monitor their goals and thus, achieve more in training with us.


One of our coaches, Tiarne, puts it this way:
“You have something to work towards by having a GOAL. With no goals, you lose purpose. With no purpose, you lose direction.
Recently, I helped a member set a short term goal to practice a skill during a workout they would normally avoid, we hit some roadblocks round 1 and made some changes (self monitoring)
And found progress increased in the following rounds


So next time you are putting pen to paper and setting a goal, write down how you plan to keep accountable to it… or call us!


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