Dad Interview: Greg Berry

Greg Berry.

Married. 4 children, primary, high and tertiary age.


1. Why is being active so important to you?

For me CrossFit is about the long-game. I was watching my mother & her brother work through health-related issues later in life. Blood pressure, heart stents, bowel issues etc. Unless you do something different, you tend to follow after type.
CrossFit is part of my personal, long-term, health investment plan, together with eating well … I want to arrive in my 80’s as healthy as I can be, and to have fun on the way.
It is not about image for me at all. I go to a gym with no mirrors & I don’t take off my shirt when I train.
It is a way I can positively manage a high-pressure life. I won’t bore you with the details – but I have had high pressure sustained over the long term, I may have been a candidate for a heart condition without the physical & mental benefit of CrossFit.


2. You’re a busy guy, kids, full time job, so how do you make time to get into the gym with so much going on?

Arnie “The Governator” talks about finding time for training.
Carve out a time that works. Guys do what they want to do and then make excuses for everything else they do not want to do.
“Do – or do not, there is no try.” Master Yoda.
For me, I am more effective with my work energy when I train.
My day continues after my 4-5pm CrossFit session – I typically need to put more time into work. CrossFit is a great break in my day – rather than 1 long shift. It resets my mind & body.


3. Do you wish you had started earlier?



4. What advice would you give to dad’s that are on the fence about becoming active, now?

Think of your fitness like the property market – nobody ever regretted getting in early. It is an investment in YOU, your greatest investment.


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