3 tips to help you focus and how sitting on the couch can make your day

3 tips to help you focus and how sitting on the couch can make your day!


Ok yes, that line is a little misleading because when I say sit on the couch, i mean stand up again, and sit back down again… and up… 50 times.

I can hear your voice now “eugh another best time to exercise post, skip”.

Yet hear me and my members out.

Remembering why exercise is important, is what’s important.

Exercise is for your physical AND mental health, not for aesthetics, not for competitions and not to show off, although those can be fun bonuses.

This is what our online member Stephen has to say about this:

“Thanks a million for the innovative approach, I was in a real funk from last Monday with my overseas business suddenly scattered and everyday stressing keeping the wheels turning,
You’ve given me routine, cleared my head each morning and now i have vision in my daily tasks, no more ruts… oh and I’m sleeping better too!”

I know now might not be the right time for you to invest in our multiple online programs, so that’s why I’m just going to leave 3 tips for you get the most out of your day from home.



Keeping the routine is key, whether working from home or looking for work, the best thing you can do for your mind and hormones is keep the routine as close to normal as possible.

Normally commuting at 7am? Still get up at the same time, have the same breakfast and with the extra time up your sleeve maybe now IS the best time to start a small exercise routine. It doesn’t have to be much…

Start with 3 sets of 10 squats, 10 pushups, 10 situps.



If you’re working from home then I’m sure you’ll have some key performance indicators to follow which is great.

But if you’re looking for work, or you’re homeschooling children then you need to set some at the start of the day or at least week.

As you’re able to tick these things off it builds a sense of satisfaction and success which leads to motivation which leads to setting more KPI’s and you start to form a cycle for success!

There are some great resources out there on setting intention, my suggestion is to think of it this way:

  • What are the skills you need when the new season begins?
  • Who needs you to show up today

When you know these things you can begin to formulate a plan on how you intend to be the best you.



This one is for your safety as well. Everyone gets around ‘AREUOK?’ day however this season it is relevant more than ever, everyday.

Choose someone you trust, outside of your family as well. And ask them to book a time in their diary to call you and check in.

To keep you accountable to your KPI’s but also to just chat, and make sure you are being shown some love.

And do the same for them!

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